the accretion
just cruising with my juicebox
twenty three on a stool

Hey guys, 

Seeing as our podcast went out today, here’s another photo of you and Owen from our Brooklyn trip. I thought it tied in nicely with what we talk about in the podcast about nudity and how we spent our time together. I miss it a lot, we’ll have to start some kind of international naked summer camp or something.


Vex (

I definitely hope our summer camp becomes a regular thing, I still can’t believe how many beautiful photos we created so easily in such a short amount of time. Everything just felt right and worked out better than I think any of us could of expected. I really like this photo I think it shows shows the contrasts between me and Owen so well, him in the light his bare skin and strength and me a bit out of focus, covered in hair and in the shadows. This is definitely my favourite photo of Owen and I together, thanks for taking and sharing it Vex. 
one of my special job skills - being able to fit in the tiny cage while having sex
» NN Podcast - Episode 3

Here’s a new podcast from NympoNinjas where Vex, Cam, and I discuss open relationships, bdsm, masturbation and how we all met.


I do believe this is theaccretion. Don’t know by who :(

Yep, that’s me. Just a personal photo I took a long long time ago…
yikes for my balls
Do these shorts make my legs look fat?
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