the accretion
Behind the scenes on Divine Bitches today channeling Leigh Bowery in gimp form.
Bed time bestie

Here is a photo of myself from last year which shows a few of my scars which I have adorned my body with. I’ve slowly collected my scars over the last decade by seeking artists who’s medium is the human skin. Over time having scars has made me feel more in touch with my body, more attractive, proud, and confident in myself. The process of getting scars has also been very nurturing in ways because it has always pushed me to be especially caring towards myself while my body was healing. I am still shy about them at times because of people’s negative associations with scars but since they are mostly always covered with clothes they act somewhat as mental armor. Like a special hidden part of myself that gives me self worth and makes me happy.
Your host for Submission Sunday,
ready for action
when I think about you I touch myself
little family 
twenty year old me. 2005.
crushing coconuts in hawaii. 1988.
twenty three year old me. thanks to mar mar
twenty three year old me.
Black eyes
If high school taught me anything it was how to play an angry teenager for my role on Sex and Submission today
twenty three. minus a few letters and scars.
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