the accretion
death before growth
skin of alabaster 
just a nice creeper

Got a projector out from uni. Things got really weird, real fast. I am really happy with the results though. Now I’m finished university I can make the art I want all the time.

me gangbanging projected on this person^^…
If you are in the Bay Area there’s this huge party that I will be at on friday at 1015 Folsom. I made a crazy mask thing that will be in their fashion show.

Photo made by James Chiang of myself wearing the charred, furry, and horned helmet.
blood on my hands. learning how to humanely slaughter and butcher a pig on a small family farm.
the burning beast
And a random cock shot… Haven’t posted one of these in a long time…
hforheartattack asked: Please post more photos of you smiling, you have an amazing smile. :-) x


Pretending to be a boy is awesome! If I can’t have Owen Grey in me then I’ll just have him on me.
The body of Isabelle. Catching some sun.
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