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Anonymous asked: I'd love to hear your voice more. Would consider making a question & answer video for tumblr?

I did one a long time ago.. But I have two separate hour long podcasts with nympho ninja and two short interviews on so there’s plenty of ways to hear my voice. They shouldn’t be terrible hard to google.

Anonymous asked: Fuck me, please? <3

Sorry, I only have sex with people who have faces :/

Anonymous asked: your uncut?

I am not cut. Thankfully.

Anonymous asked: I wish I had your cock down my throat right now as a matter of fact

I just swallowed a bunch of meat too, it was pretty satisfying.

Anonymous asked: Do you want to get married and have kids one day?

I’m engaged and will be married next year. Likely won’t have kids though.

Anonymous asked: What are the little things women do that turn you on?

Communicate and aren’t afraid to share what they want and desire.


I think you’d have to take my whole cock to get the dimples, I can’t just fuck with dimples

Anonymous asked: Have you ever been in love? If so, how many times?

Hmm hard to say really. It’s always different looking back on love and not feeling it in the moment. I would say that I have loved many people but probably have really only been in love with 3.

Anonymous asked: was your dick pierced?

Yes, when I was much younger. I had two barbells that went vertically side by side through the head of my cock. Now I just have little dimples.

Anonymous asked: How do you initiate sex so that its not the same thing over and over? I feel like my relationship is stuck on replay.

You have to open up and talk about what you enjoy, desire, and long for. It’s easy to fall in to a routine when in a long relationship but really encouraging that communication will bring up new idea from both of you. It’s not always easy to communicate something that can be judged or rejected but it’ll also bring you closer to your partner if you do. You can also try sharing photos of things you like to encourage a little inspiration…

Just saying Hi
Anonymous asked: Does having distinguishable tattoos and body modifications help you or hinder you when it comes to working in the porn industry?

Definitely hinder. I’ll never be hired by most directors, especially in anything too normal or mainstream, because the types of tattoos I have are either ‘distracting’ or unappealing. And obviously my scars as well don’t help. Given that the male performers are not the focus at all in the majority of straight porn it’s much easier to hire some other normal looking guy. I love the work that I do get to do but I do wish I could play more diverse roles that show other parts of my sexuality that aren’t all in a bdsm setting.

Rilynn Rae doing stuff to me
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