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Anonymous asked: What's Vex's URL?

Pretty certain it’s


100000 Ninjas
I owe so many people a huge amount of thanks for all their help making NN what it is today. I feel really lucky to get to be a part of this incredible community of people supporting sexual positivity. I know we would have never gotten this popular with out all of you contributing to SS and sharing the beautiful photos we receive.
5 years ago I never imagined I would find myself naked on a couch with three people I admire and respect so much. Cam, Vex and Owen inspire me and I’ve learnt a lot from my time with them. They are just as incredible as they seem. I wish so badly Trouble could have been with us to celebrate. I can’t express enough how much her opinions, knowledge and personality have added to NN and I am very grateful to have such a strong feminist role model to share with all of you. 
Now begins the countdown to the next hundred thousand and I hope you will continue to join us along the way. 

group hug

Hugs all around :)
Anonymous asked: You certainly are the sexiest thing I ever witnessed. Do you have some kind of age policy? Like, no under x or over x?

Thanks… No not really besides the obvious no one under 18.. I’ve been with plenty of ladies in their 40’s but it seems I mostly meet people between 25-32 at this time in my life.



super friends

Ninja, me, Owen, and Vex
such love, SUCH LOVE
Anonymous asked: If I messaged you some off anon and was around tomorrow would you be willing to maybe meet up for just a bit? I find you absolutely lovely and inspiring.

I’ve been running around non stop in New York and meeting some new people but I leave tomorrow. Barely had enough time to spend with everyone here but you’re welcome to message me anyways for whenever I return.

My day in NYC with Ninja, Vex, and Cam
People in New York
Anonymous asked: vex is flying to New York now, apparently, will the two of you be doing anything?

Yep.. Vex and I will be doing something and stuff tomorrow. I’m already in New York and Cam Damage and Ninja are meeting us tomorrow as well.

butt plug gag megaphone helmet, for when you want to be really obnoxious. years ago at folsom st fair
black leg. white leg. negative 15.
Don’t look. xo
hallucinations. negative archives.
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