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That one time with Ninja, Vex and Cam in Brooklyn


Chanel Preston ‘milking’ my cock
Anonymous asked: Your hair looks very soft. Just wondering what you use shampoo wise. Also... You're awesome Owen.

Thanks. For an x hair stylist I actually really don’t try much with my hair besides having my friend who is an amazing hairstylist cut my hair. My girlfriend just gets Griffin Remedy shampoo from the health food store. I have pretty fine hair and it works well…

Anonymous asked: How does /post/100478559461/femdomempire-www-femdomempire-com-i-think#notes even work? What is that 'toy' called?

It’s called a chastity device. They come in a variety or shaped and styles but that one is really common.  It’s made to keep cocks from being able to be fully erect for whatever play you’d like to incorporate with that. In that photo she was ‘torturing’ me but making me get hard when in the cage. It doesn’t necessarily hurt, at least for me. At moments it can actually feel somewhat good but the overall pressure for sometime can make your cock and mostly balls ache.  You can find them at Mr S if you’r in SF or LA or just order it off their website, they aren’t  cheap though.

bone--marrow asked: I'm skinny too (5ft 10in and 123 lb). Thanks to you I lost my physical complex. Thank you so much. Really.

Thanks for the message, I’m really happy you’re feeling better about your body! Being really skinny is a natural body type just like any other and there’s nothing wrong with feeling good about your body or being attracted to that body type :)


I think those are the lips of Andy San Dimas teasing me…
Sexter II
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