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Anonymous asked: What made you explore your sexuality comfortably? I want to and Im getting there but Im not into the being promiscuous with a ton of people to find out.

I was so shy from a young age that I couldn’t be promiscuous even if I wanted to. I was just comfortable with sexuality because of how I was raised and being around people who were queer from a really young age. Maybe it was not growing up in fear of harm or ridicule because of my curiosity around sexuality but I just met people over time that allowed me to explore those areas. You have to be open to it and put yourself out there occasionally. Don’t be afraid… But living in San Francisco where sexuality is celebrated helps a lot too.

Anonymous asked: I know you said its been a while since youve been, but how was Burning Man? Ive wanted to go but Ive heard indifferent experiences.

I went 12 years ago so it was smaller, had less security, and people were more open and friendly since undercovers weren’t trying to bust people. At the time I had an amazing experience, I was only 17 and went on my own, met some wonderful people and partied a lot. I haven’t been since but I prefer much smaller festivals now that aren’t in such intense heat and aren’t such a scene.

Anonymous asked: Any advice on proposing a threesome? I like the idea of having sex with my boyfriend and another woman how should I approach this subject to him?

Most guys would be easy to convince, it just means more sex for them, as long as it includes another female (given he’s straight). If you wanted to include another guy I would say that it would take someone who is very confident in themselves and secure within the relationship. As long as you tell him what you want beforehand, what your expectations are in your relationship (like it doesn’t mean that he can fuck whoever he wants) and you are on the same page. Really focus on what you want and what he wants so there’s no misunderstandings. Other than that you just have to ask him…

Anonymous asked: did you once have your d pierced?

Yep, I had two apadravyas which are vertical barbells that go through the head of the cock. I got them 11 years ago and had them for about 2-3 years.

Anonymous asked: who's the actress in the "games we play" pic from 8/31/2014?

She’s a local model who I met one time a few years ago through a friend. Just that day that we shot. She doesn’t do porn or anything like that. And I don’t know her so I would rather not release her name though I wish I could meet her again.

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Anonymous asked: what was your first bi experience? i'm super bi curious but i really don't know how to go about it. any pointers?

You mean my first experience with a guy? My first anything with a guy was making out with a guy while dancing at burning man when I was 17. It just kind of happened without much  talking though we hung out a bunch afterwards. I’ve always had a really easy time with guys because I feel like they are so straight forward when they are in to me. Regardless of gender I don’t normally push where I don’t feel it’s welcome. Be open and friendly with the person you’re interested in, just as you would with someone who you’re not physically attracted to, and if the opportunity arises than suggest something doing something together with a more intimate setting and see how they respond.

i miss you always
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the grumpy widge

thx 4 sharing/ art and photos. 

Georgie did a cute drawing of me in this photo

Anonymous asked: What do you think of James Deen?

He’s always been nice to me, I haven’t seen him around in a long time though. He’s not my favorite male performer on just what he does on screen but I think he’s made a positive impact on the image of what male performers can look like and in some respects has made a positive impact with his mainstream popularity.

Anonymous asked: Are you working on any projects? I really like your photography and masks.

Thanks! I’m currently working in a mask for JP who is the director of He’s making a feature and he will be wearing the mask in it. It’s a little different than what I have done in the past but I’m really excited to see how it comes together in the end.

Anonymous asked: I adore your tattoos!! Especially the one on your leg. It's stunning. How long did it take? Do the letters have any particular meaning for their placement?

Thanks. I have no idea how long it took. The black was gone over two times and in combination with the letters took a couple years to do. I scanned the letters and just laid them out as randomly as possible, no meaning.

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