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Anonymous asked: i remember back when you had talked about your drug/alcohol intake and saying there are a few things you do a few times a year, and i'm curious about what those few things are if you're willing to share?

I don’t really feel like naming the things I enjoy doing online. But if you know of things that are named after one number and two letters then you might have an idea… But probably not.

Anonymous asked: vex is flying to New York now, apparently, will the two of you be doing anything?

Yep.. Vex and I will be doing something and stuff tomorrow. I’m already in New York and Cam Damage and Ninja are meeting us tomorrow as well.

Anonymous asked: i am very self conscious about queefing and im wondering if any of the girls you fuck queef during your work and im also curious about your personal opinion about it and what guys in general think about it??

It’s very common in work and my personal life and it doesn’t even phase me. Some positions just lend themselves to letting air in when my cock comes out and it’s my cock that is pushing back in and squeezing the air out… Sometimes the person I’m fucking will giggle which usually makes me giggle too because it’s silly but not as though I’m laughing at her. If a guy thinks it’s unattractive in any way then he’s extremely immature and has a lot to learn about sex and people with pussies in general. If it happens when I’m having sex I will typically just push my cock all the way in so the air comes out rather then have it keep going, and there you go, it’s all gone! :)

whenihavewingsto-fly asked: Did you get into much for Folsom this year or just kinda chill?

This last year I just dressed in lingerie and hung out mostly. I’m not really an exhibitionist unless I’m being paid to be…

butt plug gag megaphone helmet, for when you want to be really obnoxious. years ago at folsom st fair
black leg. white leg. negative 15.
Don’t look. xo
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