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Anonymous asked: Just watched Impulse Response and it was incredible, you and Vex are just electric together and the shot of you behind her when your chest was lit up just killed me. Me email's a little broken and I don't have a tumblr anymore but this your blonde friend from sydney australia :)

Thank you, I’m so happy people enjoy it, it’s one of my favorite scenes I’ve done. I got a bit sweaty so our skin did look really great in that lighting :) I might know who you are but truthfully I have so many awesome followers from Australia! I dont know why you all live so far away!

Anonymous asked: What are your opinions on racism? Can people be racist towards white people?

My only experience with racism comes from growing up with my brother who is half black and watching him deal with it living in mostly white and Hispanic areas where even black people from more black areas gave him a hard time. I live with extreme privilege being a white male, among other things… But I think glitterrabbit is a pretty amazing voice on tumblr for their knowledge and perseverance. Check them out, I tend to agree with them. They’re also beautiful so that doesn’t hurt.

Anonymous asked: How do you feel about random people messaging you to discuss your feelings on sexuality?

Alright I guess. I mean I’ve been doing it for a few years now. It’s just an occupational thing that people want to talk to me about sex so that’s just the questions I get. Most people don’t ask about too many other things.

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Anonymous asked: If you don't mind my asking, how much was your tattoo sleeve and how long did it take?

I really don’t keep track of those kinds of things. But the guy who does my blackwork gives me a decent deal since I’ve known him forever and he’s just really nice. I’ve gone over most areas twice so it’s a bit hard to remember how much time I spent on it but my arm was pretty fast compared to my leg.

Anonymous asked: Do you have a FetLife account? What are your feelings on the site?

I do but I don’t really use it. I’ve always felt that it’s a really awkward site. Both how it’s constructed and the social aspect of it. Before I was ever ‘Owen Gray’ I was on there and tried to connect with a lot of people and was pretty much always ignored. Now I’m not really active but strangers write me really sweet messages occasionally. A lot of people ask if it’s good for meeting kinky people to date but I’ve always heard of people having really strange encounters when trying to do so…. I’m just not so much in to the bdsm ‘scene’ and I really don’t identify as an exhibitionist. 

Anonymous asked: Do you ever just feel non-sexual? If so, what do you do about it?

Certainly. I think most people do at times. It doesn’t normally last more than a couple days for me when it does happen but I don’t normally worry about it, I just focus on other things in life. I love sex but sometimes it can feel like more of a weight that relentlessly needs more and more and more. I haven’t experienced not feeling sexual for very long though so I’m not sure how I would go about changing that if I did.

Anonymous asked: I was looking at some of your older shoots and I forgot you had stretched ears!

Yep, I closed them last september after having my ears at 1” for about 10 years

Anonymous asked: sometimes I get really depressed and it's hard for me to create art or even feel motivated to go out and meet people , but simply visiting your page gives me a lot of hope and inspiration. Please keep creating and being your amazing self - just an admirer

Thank you. I have certainly battled with heavy and disabling depression at times and somehow I’ve learned to power through it. Is miserable as life can feel, making myself be actively creating is always rewarding and helps me remember my own achievements and gives me hope in completing my goals. It’s not always easy but you just have to remember that life will inevitably change, always, and even when you feel sad you know that better times will come back eventually. 

Anonymous asked: don' you think that most porn titles/descriptions are pretty degrading towards women? I mean, whenever I'm in the mood for porn and searching for something decent, I see the titles/descriptions and I'm like 'ew, nevermind'. and that's with practically every site I've been to, but maybe I'm just overly sensitive with such things, who knows. it just sucks that most porn is still made to cater to men, even the femdom and 'lesbian' ones. it's a problem, don't you think?

Certainly the trend for a lot of mainstream porn is to use a lot of degrading words. I think people accept it because it’s playing in to their fantasies where things happen that never would in real life, and there are things done in porn that either just don’t make sense or aren’t acceptable in real life. But they are creating a commercial product to cater to these fantasies and the majority of the paying customer are men and not that all men think these words are hot but a lot of the world is pretty screwed up in general. I think it’s easy to look at porn and point out all of the terrible things it represents but ultimately it’s a fantasy that’s reflecting our culture in a lot of ways. On the flip side, there certainly are plenty of people of different genders that genuinely enjoy being called things like ‘whore’ and ‘slut’ and being objectified and degraded. If those things aren’t for you then certainly look in to some different sources for your porn. I feel like a good amount of European porn I’ve seen doesn’t go in to speaking in such a way if you’re looking for stuff that’s still pretty vanilla with ‘normal’ looking people. If you’re feeling adventurous check out Crash pad series, indie porn revolution, ftm fucker, and other queer porn that comes from a more feminist background.

Anonymous asked: Although I'm usually pretty confident, recently I've been feeling really negative about my body. It's ridiculous because my boyfriend can't keep his hands off of me and always tells me I'm beautiful, sexy, etc. How can I make peace with my body?

I think most people feel this occasionally in different amounts. I really think that how you feel in your body and energetically really reflects on how you feel about your body and how it looks. Take a hot bath, stretch, exercise, eat well and give your body some love. I try to do all of these things regularly but even I get in to slumps and don’t feel the greatest about my body. I think it takes work but the more you work on it the easier it gets to stay in a positive frame of mind.

Anonymous asked: In your 23 on a stool pic, it looks like you have a tattoo on your arm. Is the black sleeve you have currently a coverup?

I had a couple of small tattoos on the arm but the black is covering probably 5 times as much space. I’ll be doing a lot more with it all whenever I’m able to afford it.

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