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Anonymous asked: Hi! my boyfriend recently revealed to me that he is actually into being dominated by women. I tried to get into it by tugging his balls,calling him names,getting on top and biting him a bunch. this is weird for me because I usually like being the submissive one and am not use to being the one in power. Any tips on females domming males you can lend a newb?

Well there’s a million things that you can do as a top but the best thing to do is to really learn what he enjoys as a bottom. Some people prefer certain types of pain stimulation and not others, or to be called certain names, to not be treated some ways, and maybe doing sexual things that aren’t typical for average penetrative sex. It’s not always easy but really try to get him to tell you about those things or maybe show you through photos or video if it’s easier. If being dominant over him makes you uncomfortable though then there’s no need to do it. If you don’t want it then he’s not going to get what he wants out of it either. So try discussing your needs and desires as well so you can find some balance. Good luck!

Anonymous asked: I'm very open with my friend about my kinks and she set me up with her friend who "identifies" as a Dom. I was really excited because I thought he was going to be experienced but he wanted to start immediately without getting to know eachother and interacted as a sadist way more then a Dom, I had to use my safe word about 7 times. Is this something I should stray away from?

Definitely do not spend time with that person. It’s people like that who give bdsm a bad name for everyone else. If you want to have a really positive bdsm experience then having a really great relationship on whatever level is essential with that person to develop trust and a crystal clear ability to communicate with them. They should understand your boundaries before you even start. Sorry for your bad experience.

Anonymous asked: Your Four Chambers scenes get me so turned on I can't help but touch myself the whole way through. I'd love to see your kind of passion first hand and I fantasize about it frequently...

Thank you. I’d like to think that those scenes are about some of the most ‘real’ scenes of myself since I feel like I have pretty wonderful chemistry with Vex. Since i’m the only guy she has ever shot with I’d like to think she has pretty good chemistry with me too. I certainly touched myself while watching it too, it’s a good one.

Anonymous asked: wait so you can have sex with vex but not cam? i thought vex was a cam girl only????? im so confused

Vex is a cam girl who also makes erotica/porn through Four Chambers. She only shoots with Four Chambers since it’s partially her creation and she has done some girl/girl scenes and two scenes with me. Cam is a nude model and doesn’t do anything sexual on camera.

Anonymous asked: What are your attitudes towards feminism?

I don’t understand how anyone could not be a feminist. I’m all for it since most of the world makes me sick with how misogynistic it is.

Anonymous asked: Do women you have sex with outside of work ever express the thought of you faking enjoying it since porn is just faking it a lot of the time? Have you ever faked enjoying an experience outside of porn?

No, I don’t think porn is faking it as much as you may think. I think being in front of the camera can encourage people to maybe be more expressive at times, keep their eyes open more, and maybe occasionally fake an orgasm if the director would like to show that within a shorter amount of time than it takes for the person to have an orgasm. But the majority of people I work with authentically enjoy what they are doing, sex feels good, the mood is at least enjoyable. Porn happens on a schedule though though and a lot of times you don’t get a chance to really get to know the person and develop some profound connection like in real life. That doesn’t mean that people don’t enjoy the sex. There’s plenty of times where I work with people who I have slept with in real life as well so there’s obvious chemistry within some scenes. But no, I don’t typically fake my pleasure. Before I did porn I was just really quiet in general and porn just encouraged me to be a little more expressive, not unnaturally, but it made me more comfortable with being more expressive in real life as well.

Anonymous asked: Do you find short people just as sexy? I have a lot of self issues regarding my shortness and was wondering, how you feel about short stature women.

Oh definitely. With height I can go either way and even for that reason I can find people really attractive if they are really short or really tall. I like something about each quite a lot.

Anonymous asked: What is something that turned you on today?

A fantasy of how someone would look in to my eyes in a way that would tell me something without saying anything.

Anonymous asked: Tell me something filthy... ;)

I’ve left after a porn scene without even washing my hands

Anonymous asked: Would you like to be with James Deen?

I’m not sure what you mean ‘be’ with him…

Anonymous asked: faking makes me so sad

Well the majority of porn is focused on making a product with the most value, not representing authentic sex. There is a reason we are called performers.

Anonymous asked: If you could work with any porn actor/acteess, who would it be?

Ugh trust me, I have a very refined ‘dream’ list of about 5 people I would absolutely love to work with but I feel shy about sharing it because people will make plenty of negative comments about what those body types don’t include. But they come from a place of fantasy. It’s always unpredictable though, I’ve worked with some people I was crazy about that were very underwhelming and some who really surprised me. Sometimes fantasy is better left being a fantasy.

Anonymous asked: Your video with Vex for Four Chambers was like a dream. You and Vex have an electric connection and I was so pleased to see a video with a woman receiving oral for a substantial amount of time. Everyone should donate and see it. I'm so glad I did! -Willow

Thank you!! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! The video was edited down to about 17-18 minutes but we were shooting for over an hour so yes, I did go down on her for quite a long time :) it’s one of my favorites…

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