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bone--marrow asked: I'm skinny too (5ft 10in and 123 lb). Thanks to you I lost my physical complex. Thank you so much. Really.

Thanks for the message, I’m really happy you’re feeling better about your body! Being really skinny is a natural body type just like any other and there’s nothing wrong with feeling good about your body or being attracted to that body type :)


I think those are the lips of Andy San Dimas teasing me…
Sexter II
where are you from?

curious where all of my followers are from since it seem like a lot of you are in other countries….


Oh, comely. October, 2014.
The Accretion X Alveoli Photography
Reblogging OK with all notes intact.
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San Francisco from Oakland
Anonymous asked: What religion do you believe in? So the person you meet have to have the same religion as you?

I was raised in a community with a lot of Buddhist and Hindu beliefs but I’ve never been involved in any organized religion nor would I be in a relationship with some one who was.

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