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Me and my bf
Anonymous asked: did you take her out on a date, or was it totally casual?

I guess it was pretty casual. It wasn’t like we called it a date. We just hung out, went to dinner, and then made out a bunch..

Anonymous asked: did you seek her out as a client because you already felt attraction towards her? did you purposely become a client of hers to get to know her better? :) just curious because you guys are adorable from what I can tell.

I had only seen photos of her online but I went to her as a client because I thought she was hot and I thought that she knew what she was doing. We had a really wonderful session and then I just emailed her a few days after. We exchanged emails for about two weeks before she invited me to hang out. I didn’t want to over step boundaries being a client so I waited for her and then we hung out shortly after for the first time.

Anonymous asked: how did you and your girlfriend meet?

She works as a pro domme (dominatrix) and I went to see her as a client. A few weeks after we hung out for the first time and that was it.

Anonymous asked: You make a prettier lady than me and im mad

awww. I’m not prettier than anyone… but my girlfriend does complain that I fit in to some of her clothes better than her so I can sympathize… 

Anonymous asked: I really appreciate you. You bring a lot to this world. Good porn and an intelligent mind.

thanks :) I appreciate all of the support and sweet comments from all of you too!

Anonymous asked: What's your opinion on suicide?

I have mixed feelings about it. I don’t think I would ever call myself suicidal since I’ve never attempted to or got to that point. When I was young I feel as though I got to a disabling point for long periods of time because of depression and other deep schemas that I have. So I can understand it to say the least. But I’ve also been on the other side and have lost a really close friend to suicide and it’s extremely painful as well. I know how hard it is to speak up about how you feel and to be heard but you have no idea how many people you will impact and how many people care about your presence if you never say anything.

i miss you always
lady darkness. negative archives. 
falling up
young in the sun
Anonymous asked: What is the 'sex in threes' shoot from?

Just a private shoot with some people I know for fun. The other guy, Tomi, took a lot of photos and video and I took a lot of photos as well. I haven’t seen the video but I’ve posted a ton of photos over the last two months from it.

bgsaidsomthing asked: what is the first thin you notice (or look at), about a women/person that makes a cinnection for you

Eye contact. And how they talk…

unbuttoned. thanks to Izi
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