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Anonymous asked: Is it weird that your scars turn me on?

People tend to eroticize them… Scars don’t do that for me but it’s nice I guess.

Anonymous asked: did you and mickey mod ever do a video just between you guys? I remember it was an idea going around for a while

We talked about doing a make out video but that’s about it. Anything more would likely have a negative impact on us getting work so we wouldn’t so that.

Anonymous asked: How badly did it hurt getting your scars? Mainly the autopsy cut because of how large it is. I love the way your scars look :)

Getting cut is pretty comparable to getting tattooed but skin removal is a bit worse. He used a topical anesthetic, just a cream that sits on the skin before cutting, which takes the edge off but he was still cutting flesh off of my body. I’ve been told that I have a high pain tolerance by a lot of people… I would say that the healing process is worse over all though. Especially taking the first shower.

Anonymous asked: How do I go about buying the impulse video please? I know you mentioned this before but I can't find the asks. And do you offer private videos?

If you go to the preview posted of the video it has directions. But I am accepting donations for the video via amazon gift cards of whatever amount you value it at.

I do make custom videos for people with their specific fetish, focus, or things just as simple as saying their name while I jerk off. Feel free to message me or email me, email is on my page.

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Anonymous asked: Is it difficult being with someone who was previously married? Do you feel any pressure/disappointment not to be first?

Not at all. She had a completely different relationship with her x husband and I don’t compare the two at all. I acknowledge and appreciate the relationship she had with him just as she does with my past relationships because while we aren’t with those people any more they did bring a lot of positive things to our lives. Just because you don’t want/can’t be in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate their influences and love them as a person. I have no weird feelings about being any ‘first’ because I am more focused on the present and our future, not the previous lives that each of us had.

Anonymous asked: Do you plan on always doing porn?

Well no, not always really. I mean I have had two previous careers, been to school, and my life has changed direction a bit. I enjoy having some involvement in it now but I’ll never really hugely popular for porn and my available work is limited because of how I look. I do other small freelance jobs occasionally. I am quite attached to the sex work industry though but I don’t really know how long I’ll be a porn performer.

Anonymous asked: Did you propose to her? If yes, how did you do it?

It was less of a proposal and more of just a conversation that we had. She actually brought it up before I did but she had also already been married. We had kind of a special day to make our engagement more official but I prefer to keep that private.

Anonymous asked: This may seem like an odd question, but I'm really curious. Is it different having sex with your fiance than to do it with someone else? I imagine the emotions behind it are different. You've made me realize that wow porn stars have lives too like everyone else.

Yes, of course. I’m in love with my partner, we have years of shared experiences and emotional intimacy. Having sex with her isn’t like sleeping like anyone else. And yes, performers have ordinary boring lives just like anyone else really :)

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