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Anonymous asked: My boyfriend is moving away for a year, maybe more, so we decide to open the relationship. Do you have any advice?

Communicate twice as much as you think you do about your desires, what you want from the relationship, how you can stay connected with the distance, and what rules you want to imply when sleeping with other people. And if you’re thinking about doing something communicate before you’re going to do it rather than surprise them later.

Anonymous asked: If you're giving a guy head, or a hand-job, once it gets close to time to cum, is it best to let him do it, or is it safe to try to do it myself? This might sound confusing. I just generally mean like.. What if I go to fast or slow? Too loose or too tight? I want him to have the best orgasm possible!:)

There really isn’t any ‘best’ way to do anything sexually because nothing is the same for everyone. you really just have to communicate and encourage him to communicate as well. If you’re trying to be like ‘efficient’ (sounds bad, I know) then it’s likely easier to let a guy finish himself off. There’s a reason why you see guys do that in the majority of porn but I think it applies to anyone. Nobody can touch you in the way that you know feels exactly like what’s going to get you off. Personally I enjoy both, finishing myself and receiving and letting someone finish me off but they are different and sometimes people feel impatient, embarrassed, or bad that they are taking to long waiting for their partner. But just talk to him and understand more of what he likes in terms of pressure, speed, mouth/hand, stimulation on other parts besides his cock, etc.

Anonymous asked: On a scale of 1-10, how important is eye-contact? I am so shy and I'm always afraid to make eye-contact during foreplay and sex! I hide my face:( how do I get over it? I feel like I make stupid sex faces haha.

I feel like it depends on the relationship. Personally I really enjoy eye contact but of course I don’t expect someone to just be eye gazing at me the entire time. I don’t even want to have my eyes open all the time. If someone just doesn’t look at me at all and keeps their eyes closed the entire time then I don’t enjoy it though, they feel a bit disengaged… But that’s just me and there’s plenty of people who prefer to have sex in ways that I don’t really enjoy…

Anonymous asked: What does your open relationship look like? Do you and your partner sleep with people outside of your respective professions? Do you find that you ever struggle with jealousy? Sorry if these questions are a bit personal, I've always been curious about open relationships.

We both sleep with pretty much whoever we chose to sleep with for the most part. Normally it’s people that we aren’t mutually friends with and we don’t date people or spend too much time with the same person. People I hook up with mostly come from my work and sometimes from tumblr, hers are either from online or an old friend of hers. We have actually never really struggled with jealousy at all. The majority it actually makes us miss each other a lot and we come back together being really close and affectionate. 

Anonymous asked: bit of a weird question but where did you get your comforters haha?

The one in that photo was from when we were staying somewhere in Antwerp two years ago so I have no idea where it’s from

the bestest cuddles
cool like that
deep in the forest…. with Izi
Anonymous asked: How to get over trust issues? I feel so fragile, unprotected, vulnerable, can't trust anyone, and what's worse - paranoid. I feel like I'm going mad.

Well you could try talking to someone about your issues, like a therapist or something similar. Or just really start asking yourself why you have those feelings and how the people in your life make those feelings valid or contradict them. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with emotion when you feel lied to but try using logic of why things happen and why it makes you feel the way you do. Not all people are the same and sometimes it takes meeting a lot of bad people to meet a good one.

Anonymous asked: That's so dumb... For the amount of discrimination it receives on it's own the pornography industry is super homophobic and it's STUPID. Guys can like to have sex with girls and with guys and with every other gender. The rest of the world can get over it. Why can't porn?

Yep, the industry is quite homophobic, among other things. Gay porn also doesn’t have the same testing protocols so there’s a lot of negative assumptions about anyone who does anything other than straight porn, even if we went through the same testing as we always do.

Anonymous asked: I think I speak for everyone when I say... Mickey mod and owen gray scene is absolutely necessarily in this dark and lonely world

Hah thank you… We have a TON of scenes where we are having sex with a girl together but nothing with each other. We talked about just shooting a make out scene together sometime but unfortunately the industry is really stupid and if either of us did a guy on guy scene it would make getting hired for other scenes a bit more complicated at times in the future…

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