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Anonymous asked: take my virginity

have sex with someone who you know, really like as a person, and who really is in to you. It’ll be much more satisfying, hot, and intimate than having sex with anyone no matter how attracted you are to them, or the idea of them…. but thanks for thinking well of me…

Anonymous asked: noooormally I like girls but there are a few exceptions and you sir are one of them

well thank you. I’m always very flattered when people allow themselves to bend what they are normally attracted to..

Anonymous asked: Have you ever taken someone's virginity? If so, how was it?

I answered this identical question like a day or two ago. please read my asks that haven’t been deleted…

bagfryz asked: What are you

I’m beautiful on the inside


conjoining // ninja + owen + cam 

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Owen delivers a firm slap
Anonymous asked: For someone who is soon to be visiting the area, what sites would you recommend for the SF and Berkeley areas? And would you meet a fan in person, with formalities considered?

If you have a car then I would mostly suggest getting out of San Francisco and explore the coast. Big Sur, Bolinas, Pt. Reyes, and pretty much anything in between. I’m really not a shopper but there’s some museums obviously that are easy to locate and if you’re looking for a certain type of food then just be specific.

I’ve met plenty of really awesome people off tumblr but all people who I’ve actually talked to and have an idea who they are. I’ve had people contact me to meet up who I’ve never talked to, have never seen a photo of, and know nothing about which seems a little strange to me. I’m not sure who would do that… but i’m pretty open to meeting people if there’s a mutual interest and I’m not busy with work…

Anonymous asked: Hi Owen :) how to do being to talk to someone you're having a not quite open relationship with? I don't know where our relationship stands as we've cuddled, made out, but haven't fucked out of respect to his girlfriend. I don't want to seem too attached or trying too hard to replace to his girlfriend. I've met his girlfriend but she doesn't seem to know about me?? But he told me his gf and him have agreed to an open relationship.

I think you just need to ask him much more directly what his relationship entails and what is ok for you guys to do while hanging out. Having an open relationship can mean a ton of things but it may mean that he can’t regularly date you, be in a relationship with you, maybe even have penetrative sex with you, or whatever. He just has to define his arrangement and you have to figure out of you are comfortable with that. If he’s committed to her as his primary partner than you could have to accept that you’ll always be second to that and if you’re ok to that. But a lot of people are poor communicators so you just have to be brave and ask. Good luck!

Anonymous asked: I've recently started seeing this guy. Last night we started getting intimate for the 2nd time and he couldn't get hard. He told me he takes lithium and it effects him being able to get hard/it takes a while. After about 30 minutes we sort of gave up because he couldn't get fully erect. He got embarrassed and told me it makes him feel emasculated and he looked really upset. I felt embarrassed because I felt like I wasn't turning him on so it made things awkward. I don't know what I should do...

If he is on medication then you really, really shouldn’t take it personally. Medication can complicate people sexually in all kinds of ways and I’m sure that having any issue at all for him only amplifies the natural anxiety that a lot of men have about getting erect. If anything I would try to help take his mind off of the pressure of being hard and enjoy everything else you can do without an erect cock. Not putting that pressure on himself might help allow his body to respond more naturally as it is but there’s so many other things. Take your time in bed and don’t feel as though there’s an urgency to get a hard cock and have penetrative sex and even if he can’t get hard then don’t let that hinder you from still being sexual in other ways. I would hope that he get’s pleasure out of giving to you as well and that he can enjoy things regardless. Good luck.

Anonymous asked: How come we never see guys cumming inside girls on kink?

It’s either inconvenient for the position especially if there’s bondage or the director doesn’t want to but mostly because I think a lot of girls prefer not to do that… Ultimately it’s the girls choice.

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