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are being answered very slowly at this time since I’ve been so busy. Even if  you sent one last week (or later) I’ll get back to you eventually. Thanks for being patient. 

Anonymous asked: Can on please answer my question on Fitness regime?

Really nothing crazy. I don’t go to a gym or anything. I ride my bike a lot and I do a variety of basic core and arm exercises. I don’t have any weights. I exercise according to my work schedule so at most I exercise 4-5 times a week and when I’m really busy I just don’t exercise for sometimes a couple of weeks.

Anonymous asked: Are you in any way affiliated with the "Owen Gray" account here on Tumblr?

Yeah I created that a long time ago when I started performing to kind of keep my work photos and life photos separate. This one gained enough followers and it was already my main account so I just post everything here. I still post on the Owen gray one sometimes but not much, it’s just a place to hold most of my work photos.

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the divide
Anonymous asked: Could you give seduction tips.. like things women do that you/or males find alluring

I have no idea how I would approach seducing anyone. Personally I am attracted to people who can make me laugh, who can speak openly and be uninhibited, and are straight forward about things. Maybe it’s our wacky society and how people generally meet and go from there to anything physically intimate but I rarely flirt at all with people who I don’t think are welcoming of my attention. If I find someone attractive then I assume that other people do as well and they likely receive enough unwanted flirting from people they would rather not get it from. I don’t think it’s generally a right to flirt with girls if it’s unwarranted just because I’m a guy. If it’s all out in the open then I speak quite straight forward about what I find attractive, what excites me, what I want to do, and it arouses me when people do the same towards me.

little widgie is ready to go exercise at the park with me
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Anonymous asked: I really don't understand cut and uncut. Yeah uncut is just some foreskin but the fact that some people are so turned off is just weird.

I guess I just don’t even think about it unless someone says something. If people are really not in to foreskin then whatever, go fuck  someone who doesn’t have it.

Anonymous asked: Do your partners like that you're uncut?

I don’t really think that it’s something most people really think about but I’ve had plenty compliment the fact that I’m uncut.

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